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President's Message

Dear friends

Greeting from the Camp International Pakistan.

The creation of  every significant new technology brings with it bright new oppertunities and also the dark side of humanity.

The internet is by far the most progressive instrument yet deviced for education,research,communication,buisness and entertainment.But the internet is also a place where child pornographer now go to seek out its next victims and to provide their criminal product to the end users.The internet has now become the most significant factor in child expolitation and the principal means for exchanging Child Pornography.

The internet is by nature international,thus child pornographers and peadophiles operating internationaly can only be identified by sharing and exchaniging investigative informations with each other countries.

Irresponsible use of the internet may lead to potential dangers ,especialy for childern.

Governments and internet service providers should join togather to eduacte the pubilc(i.e.Parents) about what safety precautions are available to protect their childern.

The importance of protecting childern from the harms of predators and pornography and the link to voilence .Today,through the internet our childern have access to vast new worlds of informations,it is one of the most positive educational tool developed in our century.

Cyberspace is fun,fascinating,and it is the future.

Unfortunately ,it can also be dangerous.

All possible avenuesnof attcking this problem must be explored.Highly civillian assistance is also warrented due to the uniquechallenges this new commounication medium has presented to world wide law Enforcement.

God bless you.


Camp International