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CAMP is an organization working against the misuse of internet and pornography.Millions of homes,schools and public libraries are now connected to the the internet facilitating the fastest spread of the dangerous pornography known to our society.This presents two primary threats:*Childern's easy access to pornography* AND Predators's easy access to childern through online chatrooms

Pornography is an addiction

Many men have problems with Internet pornography. This is an addiction to be taken seriously. Some men don't sleep all night long just to stay up and go one line. Marriages are ruined, families are broken up, self-esteem is shattered, and lives are destroyed



Human beings are designed to avoid pain and seek pleasure. This basic fact was noted by Aristotle and is confirmed by experience. When we have a headache, we take pain relievers. When work is over, we seek out pleasurable activities. We strive to dampen pain and gain pleasure. An addiction is bondage to unhealthy ways of dulling pain and seeking pleasure.

Addiction to pornography involves both of these factors. Porn is commonly used to escape pain (such as stress, loneliness, depression, boredom, anxiety, fear and shame). It is also used to gain pleasure. But not everyone who uses pornography is addicted to it.

A hallmark of addiction is denial. Most pornography addicts, like other addicts, minimize their problem. Oh, I dont spend that much time on it.I can stop at any time.Nobody is getting hurt by this. And so on. Often, the porn addict has to hit bottom before seeing the true extent of his predicament. This may occur when a spouse discovers the stash or when the law comes calling as in the case of child porn. Do yourself a favor. Learn about pornography addiction and take steps to recover or help another to recover before severe consequences occur! If they already have, dont give up. Its never too late to gain health and proper balance in your life.


World of horror and despair


Enter a world of horror and despair. Caught in a nightmare that never seems to end, millions of children endure the worst forms of


child labour. Child Slavery. Child Prostitution. Child Trafficking.


  Child Soldiers


We can, we must, and we will stop the exploitation of children!

What is pornography and sex addiction

Understanding addiction to pornography & other sexual behaviors
In a similar way that an individual can become addicted to alcohol, he/she can also become addicted to pornography, sexual activity on the Internet, or another sexual behavior. The stages of sexual addiction include: escalation, d
esensitization, and acting out

Friends, family and others can help
Friends, family and others can talk about the problem openly and honestly. Others can also help by becoming educated and rejecting the many myths about pornography and other sexual addictions. Surrounding loved ones cannot cure another person's pornography or sexual problem, but can remain healthy themselves and guide the person with a pornography or other sexual problem to recovery

What is harm?

Many people assume that pornography is harmless. They imagine it has no effect on them or others. The reality, however, is that pornography has far-reaching destructive consequences. It harms the individual users, those around them, and, of course, those who are photographed and abused. This harm is particularly serious in the case of child pornography.

Illegal child pornography, by definition, is pictures or videos of girls and/or boys under the age of 18 who are involved in sexual acts or lewd and lascivious poses. Pubescent child porn includes children 12-17 years of age. Prepubescent child porn shows kids prior to puberty.

In recent years, the supply of child pornography has mushroomed, thanks to the internet. As a result, many men have become hooked on it. Not every man who views child porn is a classic pedophile.But easy accessibility to child pornography through the internet has attracted and then captured the interest of many men. These men have often experienced some sort of abuse in their formative years and are psychologically vulnerable to underage porn.