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Richard Steve Goldberg is wanted for allegedly engaging in sexual activities with several female children under the age of ten.


In a day where the highly publicized subjects are still AIDS, drugs and gangs, we must also begin to place emphasis on attacking the root problem, in addition to treating its symptoms.

People must realize child abuse is a key issue which is a cause for many of our society's problems . A pervasive issue. An issue which has repercussions throughout the world.

Victims must understand they're not alone. That they're not toblame.

CAMP is with them

 Computer telecommunications have become one of the most prevalent techniques used by pedophiles to share illegal photographic images of minors and to lure children into illicit sexual relationships. The Internet has dramatically increased the access of sex offenders to the population they seek to victimize.



  • identify, investigate, and prosecute sexual predators who use the Internet and online services to sexually exploit children;
  • establish a law enforcement presence on the Internet as a deterrent to subjects that use it to exploit children; and
  • identify and rescue witting and unwitting child victims.

Daily Cartoon provided by Bravenet Daily Cartoon provided by Bravenet